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Is Your Trusted Partner For Exceptional Stormwater Drainage,
Land Clearing, And Site Grading Services.

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As A Company Committed To Excellence, We Take Pride In Transforming Properties Into Safe, Functional, And Visually Appealing Spaces.

Proudly based in Union Country, North Carolina, we extend our services to clients across the Greater Charlotte area. Whether you’re in the urban landscape of Charlotte or the charming communities of Union County, we are dedicated to bringing our expertise to your doorstep.

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stormwater drainage

At DB Landscaping & Grading, we understand the importance of effective
stormwater management. Our team is equipped to handle stormwater
drainage projects of all sizes, ensuring your property remains free from
flooding and water-related issues.

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land clearing

Creating a solid foundation for your project begins with professional land
clearing. We have the expertise and equipment to clear your property of
trees, brush, and debris, providing a clean slate for your vision to come to

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site grading

Achieve a well-balanced and level terrain with our precise site grading
services. Our team utilizes state-of-the-art technology to shape the land
according to your project specifications, promoting proper drainage and

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why choose db
landscaping &

Extensive Experience

With 23 years of experience in the industry, we have honed our skills and techniques to deliver unparalleled services that meet and exceed your expectations.

Comprehensive Solutions

Whether it’s stormwater drainage, land clearing, or site grading, we offer a complete suite of services to handle all aspects of your project efficiently.

Quality Equipment

Our company employs top-of-the-line equipment and technology, ensuring that each project is executed with precision and attention to detail.

Environmental Stewardship

We are dedicated to environmentally responsible practices, implementing erosion control measures and adhering to regulations to protect natural resources.


Your satisfaction is our priority. We work closely with you, providing transparent communication throughout the process to deliver results that align with your goals and budget.

our process


We begin by conducting a detailed
consultation to understand your
project requirements and conduct a
comprehensive site assessment.

Planning & Design

Leveraging our extensive experience,
we create a tailored plan that
incorporates stormwater drainage
solutions, land clearing strategies,
and site grading techniques.


With a well-designed plan in place,
our skilled team initiates the project
using our advanced equipment while
adhering to strict safety measures
and industry standards.

Completion &

Upon project completion, we ensure that your property is fully prepared for the next phase. We also provide follow-up support to address any additional needs that may arise.

DB Landscaping & Grading